Welcome to Made by Cailin. Everything here is carefully handmade by me, Cailin. It all started in my small apartment dining room, late at night, with nothing but some old scraps of fabric and a little Janome sewing machine. I hope that you'll find something that will have you talking and that you'll grow to love. It's all funky yet functional. I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have a special request let me know. Thank you and enjoy!

These beautiful designs are purse organizers! They have various sizes of pockets to hold your cell phone, car keys, checkbook, lipstick, nail file, pack of gum, credit cards, coupons/receipts, etc. etc. etc. Also, they make changing purses a cinch. They are completely practical for anything you might have to organize.
The organizers are available for purchase at $12 each. If 2 or more are purchased at once, they are $10 each. Shipping arrangements may cost extra. Please contact me with any special requests. I have many more creations in the works and hope to post them ASAP.

Monday, May 4, 2009

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